Abstract art

Looking to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your home, or do you just need a splash of colour on your walls? Look no further than The Sassy Crayon’s abstract art. Add some personality and pizzazz to your walls with pieces that are sure to turn heads. Each one is as unique as you honey. 

Each work is created using mixed media on canvas. So why not pick up a piece today and add some flair to your decor?

Can’t see anything that matches your decor? Well, why not message me for an abstract art commission today?

Or check out my most recent abstract commissions here.

Oh hey you! Ready to start living your best boujee life? Head to my commissions page today to find our more about how commissions work, or book now for your free commissions consultation. 

Price is fixed per cm2.

Turn around time for City Scapes is 10 days.

Please note that prior to starting any commission, a one-to-one meeting will be held to discuss your requirements.

For full terms and conditions for commissioned works please head to the commissions page.

Payment plans available