Who doesn’t love having something unique and boujee that they can lord over their family or frenemies? I KNOW I DO! And how boujee does it get having your own personalised work from a professional artist?

I love creating one of a kind commissions for my clients so they can be the beez kneez at their next house party. I work closely with each of my clients to put their dreams on canvas, (or paper, or any other object they so wish me to paint!).


Want to find out more? Well head over to my commissions page, or check out my work below!

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Price is fixed per cm2.

Turn around time for City Scapes is 10 days.

Please note that prior to starting any commission, a one-to-one meeting will be held to discuss your requirements.

For full terms and conditions for commissioned works please head to the commissions page.

I would love to work with you