ntroducing Masked, my brand new collection of works. During my 100 painting challenge, I fell in love with painting beautiful women. But every time I painted them, I covered part of their face.

It wasn’t until the collection was finished that I began to realise why.

These paintings weren’t hiding these women, they were showing them in their different masks.

The mask of the lover, the mask of the worker. The mask of the creator and the business woman, the mathematician and the dreamer.

As women we are often required to compartmentalise our personalities. We can’t show our work environment for fear of being called irrational. We can’t show our tough side to our partners for fear of coming across cold. We can’t show our hippy friends our boujee side, or our boujee friends our dreamer side for fear of being rejected or judged. It’s a balancing act. And one that requires a mask for every occasion….

What mask are you wearing today?

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