Sign - Day 21/100


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 100  Get Messy Painting Challenge – OG works- (for the fancies who wanna help the world)

Wake up, get dressed and then be so fancy you can’t even with this dood.

This nutter has only gone and decided to do 100 paintings in 100 days! That’s right, starting the first of Jan I will be creating 100 paintings, 1 every day – SOMEONE PASS ME A MARTINI!

And all for a good cause! Head over to my instagram stories to find out more! 

Each week a new series will be coming out, created in a slightly different way and using different materials.

This series uses a number of different mediums and materials.

So treat yo’self to a one of a kind Sassy Crayon OG today! 

  • 40cm x 50cm
  • Canvas – stretched
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Mixed media
  • Signed/dated 
Sultan Haboosh

A good artist will provide you with a good painting. An amazing artist will help you imagine, take what you imagine and put it on canvas. Sam is an amazing artist.

tsc landscape
John and Judy

Sam communicates excellently whilst she is producing her work. She is engaging, well organised and has a contract protecting both parties. Can’t recommend her highly enough. We are delighted with our magnificent painting.


Sam created the work of my dreams. The most amazing part is how the painting changes colour throughout the day. This work is now a talking point in my home.